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Bassel or, what some of my Flemish friends like to call me, Bas is my name. I left my home country Syria a few years ago and settled in Belgium.

Started a new life from scratch and pursued a Business Management and Marketing degree. A field that has nothing to do with ice cream science.

I am no stranger to ice cream heritage, Damascus is the birthplace of one of the oldest ice cream parlors in the world. Established in 1895 and still operating to date, Bakdash is still making the traditional stretchy Booza the same way it was originated 500 years ago.

We, Damascenes, eat ice cream in all seasons, even in mid January where the streets are covered with snow.

That being said, my way of making ice cream is nowhere close to that of Booza, in fact, it is a totally different type and cannot be compared with it.


In 2020, Covid-19 hit hard and we were forced into lockdown. During this time, I started experimenting to make my own ice cream at home. First attempt was my all-time-favorite, bittersweet chocolate.

Chocolate Fondant ice cream flavor

After a couple of tests, Raw Chocolate was successfully created and tasted like nothing I have had before, very rich and creamy with a mousse-au-chocolat mouthfeel. I started serving it to my Covid-bubble and they all loved it!

I kept experimenting and learning from specialized blogs, websites and scientific research. With trial and error, I was able to create my very own recipe for an ice cream that is rich, smooth and indulgent.


Naturally, the idea of creating a premium ice cream brand was on the table. Since then, many flavors were created and many others are still under development.

Dampoortstraat 46, 9000 Gent

March – September
Thursday – Sunday  |  14.00 – 20.30


October – February
Friday – Sunday  |  13.00 – 19.00


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