All ice cream flavors are offered in two sizes. Cups (120ml) and Pints (480ml).

Yes, sure you can! The individual Cups (120ml) are designed specifically for this purpose.

No. All ice cream flavors are developed from scratch without any stabilizers, thickeners or starches. As a result, the final product is very difficult to maintain in a display freezer. This is why the ice cream is only offered in single-flavor tubs.

No, perhaps in the future.

You can place your order via this link

Usually the first following day Bas Ice Cream is open. But depending on the quantity and flavors selection, it might take longer.

Delivery is possible via UberEats.

Delivery by Bas Ice Cream is reserved for orders with a minimum value of €100 or B2B orders. For more info you can contact us here.

If you are a business please reach out via this form. For private consumers you can place your order via this link or contact us for a personalized offer via this form.

It’s recommended to place the order in advance to make sure your flavors selection is in stock.

Preparation time depends on the order size and flavors selection. Normally around two days for Original Flavors, and up to one week for Signature Flavors.

Yes, you can request the full details via this link.

Containers of 2500ml.

You can reach out via this link or by sending a private message on Facebook or Instagram

Dampoortstraat 46, 9000 Gent

March – September
Thursday – Sunday  |  14.00 – 20.30


October – February
Friday – Sunday  |  13.00 – 19.00


Annual Leave

When the weather is good, check social media

for updates if the shop is open

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