Every month, two new Signature flavors will be available with the Original staples. Signature flavors are picked randomly or based on seasonal occasions.

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Generous Vanilla
Pure Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

Raw Chocolate
Rich and creamy bittersweet chocolate made with organic raw cocoa mass from Peru

White Chocolate
Single-origin white chocolate made with organic cocoa butter from Peru

Salty Caramel
Silky smooth Dead Sea salt caramel ice cream with swirls of caramel sauce

Chunks of Honeycomb Caramel folded into Salty Caramel ice cream

Espresso Shot
Roasted and ground espresso coffee beans, steeped in cream until aromas are extracted

Ripe Strawberries*
Bright red strawberries puréed and blended with Sumac for a sour aftertaste


Black Forest**
Dark intense chocolate married with puréed cherries and a touch of homemade cherry liqueur. Inspired by the famous Black Forest cake


Beurre Noisette
Creamy butter heated gently to create a deep, nutty scented sauce. Blended with caramel brittle pieces for an extra crunch. If you like French pastries, Beurre Noisette is a no-brainer


Butterscotch Cashews
Brown sugar and butter cooked to butterscotch perfection with toasted and caramelized cashew nuts added in


Day Dreamer**
Coffee ice cream with chocolate fudge pieces, mini marshmallows and swirls of Dead Sea salt caramel. Finished with a touch of coffee liqueur


Syrian Nights
Finely ground arabica coffee beans married with ground cardamom. Bold taste with a bittersweet pungent flavor derived from the aromatic spice. Syrian classic coffee turned into ice cream


Toasted and ground sesame seeds with pistachio nuts folded in to complement the flavor. Just like the Middle Eastern Halva, but much cooler


Matcha Taishan
Authentic Chinese matcha tea with a touch of lime. Strong and fresh taste with a slight sharp aftertaste. A quick trip to East Asia


London Fog

Delicate Earl Grey tea leaves from Darjeeling, India. Refined bergamot aroma with soft notes of lavender and lively floral character. This tea is harvested in Spring from first picking (First Flush) and is often referred to as the Champagne of teas


Ginger Root
Peeled and diced organic ginger root. Cooked with sugar over low heat to form a peppery, sweet and fresh ice cream. Very refreshing on a hot summery day


Spiced Pumpkin
A blend of selected warm spices inspired by fall, mixed with pureed pumpkin and added to the creamy base. Perfect for the sweater weather


Lemon Curd

Squeezed and zested lemons, butter and egg yolks cooked over gentle heat. Cooled then blended with the creamy base. My take on the 19th-century English spread


Italy in a Pint
Single-origin white chocolate ice cream with fluffy Italian meringue pockets are folded in. Finished with sweet-and-sour raspberry ripples. You can’t say no to this

Roasted Pistachio

Roasted and ground pistachio nuts until they form a smooth paste, then mixed with the creamy base. Finished off with a pinch of Dead Sea salt. This is pistachio ice cream reimagined


Mont Blanc

Peppermint ice cream with dark chocolate chunks folded in. Fresh, sweet and a pungent flavor with a cooling aftertaste. This is the ultimate refresher on a hot summery day


**Contains alcohol



All ice cream contain lactose (unless otherwise mentioned) and produced by hand in a kitchen that also processes nuts and seeds. Including peanuts, pistachios and sesame. Despite all precautions, ice cream may contain traces of these allergens.


Alle ijscrème bevatten lactose (tenzij anders vermeld) en worden met de hand geproduceerd in een keuken waar ook noten en zaden worden verwerkt. Waaronder pinda’s, pistachenoten en sesamzaad. Ondanks alle voorzorgsmaatregelen is het mogelijk dat ijscrème sporen van deze allergenen bevat.

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